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In this section are grouped stories about

the Greek history

the  Roman history

Greek history.

The days of the earth and the water
Marathon 490 BC: a barefoot handful of Greek  hoplites against the mightiest army in the world at that time.
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The Hare and the Mare.
On the eve of Thermopylae, the Gods warn  the King of kings ….
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The wooden wall.
The slaughter of Salamis, 480, BC
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The day of reckoning.
The greatest Greek army since the Trojan War and three hundred thousand Persians face in plain of  Plataea, in Boeotia.
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Roman History

The blood and the dust
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The blood and the  mist
 217 BC: Lake Trasimeno: the legions of the consul Flaminius into the trap of Hannibal.
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